The Duke & Duchess of Amber--Blind Pull Pair

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  • Dress up your beautiful blinds or shades with a pair of our eye-catching and utterly unique blind pulls! Replace your existing blind's lackluster, factory-supplied cord ends with a fresh new design sure to get noticed. Elegant and richly hued in jet black and amber nestled inside a sophisticated antiqued golden cap--the perfect finish for a well-appointed room. Metal and glass on sturdy thick gauge brass (shown) wire. (Only available in goldtone; not available as shade pulls.)
  • You will receive two blind pulls--$22.99/pair
    1. Blind Pull Instructions Push the existing cord on your blind/s through the exisiting end (needle-nose pliers can be used to help grab and pull out the knot). Unknot or cut the cord and remove the end bead that came with your blind or shade. Then thread the cord through the top of the coiled connector on your Trace Ellements Blind Pull and knot at the bottom. While holding the entire coil connector piece between your fingers with one hand (this will prevent the coil from expanding) pull the cord up and into the coil connector with the other hand until the knot is hidden from view.
    2. Depending on the thickness of your cord, knot the cord one or as many times as necessary to keep it from slipping through the top of the coil connector. Very thin cords can share one Trace Ellements Blind Pull; most cords will require one pull for each cord.
    3. To accentuate the visibility of your new Trace Ellements Blind Pulls consider shortening the blind/shade cord length so your pulls rest at eye level; before shortening your cords let blinds down completely to test necessary cord length in both up and down positions.
    4. Note: most blind pull cords are thinner than 2mm; however knotted ends of blind pull cords thicker than 2mm will not hide from view inside connector; for these thicker cords first thread the cord through the coiled connector then use a dab of hot glue on the ends of the cord to prevent fraying and to create a thicker end. Wait until glue is completely hardened, then pull cord up and into coil connector as described above.
    5. Child Safety
    6. We do not recommended Trace Ellements Blind Pulls for childrenÂ?s window treatments under the age of 4 years of age. Although blind cords are the safety hazard, small children may be drawn to the whimsical nature of Trace Ellements Blind Pulls however our pulls do not interfere with the child safety mechanisms implemented by many blind and shade manufacturers. If small children are in a household that have blinds and shades, the Window Coverings Safety Council (WCSC) recommends installing cordless blinds. If blinds with cords are in the household with small children, the WCSC recommends putting Trace Ellements Blind Pulls on separate cords.