Rear View Mirror Car Accessories Ornaments

Charming Rear View Mirror Car Interior Accessories

Looking for something charming on drive alongs? Find a favorite design that suits you and your ride with our high quality rear view mirror ornaments. Clever little companions of beautifully light-catching lampwork glass and detailed metal components that will inspire a smile as you head out on the open road! From cats to four-leaf clovers, cool skull heads to unique spider web styles, Trace Ellements Artisan Car Accessories are anything but ordinary...these EXTRAordinary charms are handcrafted with an attention to detail and design you won't find anywhere else. They all are thoughtfully designed with the notion of capturing the natural light in the materials whether it be translucent glass or metal openwork. We hope your car mascot will bring a smile to your face every tiime you glance at it on your adventures ahead!