Eyes Wide Open

3rd Mar 2016

If you haven't noticed already, owls are everywhere lately. Maybe it had something to do with the winged Harry Potter mail delivery owls with their ultra-cool demeanor and nearly 360 degree& … read more
Top Cat

Top Cat

9th Jul 2015

Let's have a cat chat, shall we? If you're rubbing your paws together in anticipation then I'll bet you're a true blue cat fan. It's usually an all or nothing love relationship when it comes to cats. … read more
How to fix a ceiling fan chain?

How to fix a ceiling fan chain?

Trace Ellements on 10th May 2015

It's a snap to fix, extend, or switch your ceiling fan chain really, that's all it takes! The end connector on a ceiling fan chain has a tiny slit in it which allows you to slip the ball ch … read more


Trace Ellements on 23rd Apr 2015

Looking for a bit of good luck? A symbol of inspiration? Maybe you're in search of a little buddy to hang around with? Find your favorite ornament charm in a variety of colors, materials, an … read more

Living Eclectic

Trace Ellements on 10th Jun 2014

Ever go through the motions of your day and find yourself reaching for those "go to" things you use on a regular basis? Your favorite coffee mug, your car keys, your favorite book to curl up with at t … read more