The makings of a great ceiling fan pull

The makings of a great ceiling fan pull

Posted by Trace Ellements on 6th Mar 2014

Ceiling fan pulls

Sure, your new, or old, ceiling fan came with factory ready pulls but when you look up you're less than impressed. So you go in search of the perfect new ceiling fan pull. What to look for?

Something unique, to put a stamp on your own personal style, so choice is of the utmost importance. When you find a website with lots of great variety from sophisticated styles to children's designs you've hit the jackpot! You're going to need lots of choices as to color, design and themes. So the cliché of "variety is the spice of life" is so appropriate in this department.

Don't forget quality. These extraordinary ornaments require durability as well as charm so make sure your pull has the right stuff. They should be strong to withstand countless pulls that are up to the task year after year. Go for pulls made with thick-gauge wire and ones that are thoughtfully made. Materials such as plastics will wear with time and won't maintain their original look after time. Go with glass or metal components that look beautiful year after year.

Make sure added chain is included with your fan pull that snaps in and out at top or bottom. This will give you the flexibility of adding length or not depending on your needs. Being able to reach your pull is top on the list so you can use it comfortably.

Find all of the above in one single place at for incredible variety, quality and durability. The prices are great and you'll  fall in love with the choices!