Jewelry: the art of individual expression

Posted by Trace Ellements on 23rd Mar 2014

So you think you're special, you're not like everyone else, you should be seen for the unique person you feel like inside? Well, you're right! You should feel that way and you should be able to express yourself in your own individual way. Shine your unique light with great pieces of jewelry. Accessories can highlight and accentuate your persona and daily moods. Sometimes bolder pieces are the perfect way to express an outgoing mood, ones that make a statement and don't make any apologies for being confident and strong. Other times a more demure and delicate piece may be what's called for. Depends on the day!

A touch of color can work in the same way, reflecting how you feel that day. A pop of red or purple are more playful and daring, while blues and greens lay the groundwork for more serene scenes. Try playing with length to increase your sensuous side, a long earring drop can bring out the beauty and elegance in a woman drawing attention to the neck and decollete. A playful charm bracelet that tells a story can also tell a lot about you and become a great conversation starter. Single statement stones and dramatic pendant stunners are sure to garner a glance and compliments. And one of a kind rings will certainly get pointed out when raising a glass while out with friends. These are all fresh ways to introduce your daily self to the world and play a new part with each new accessory.

Find what suits you and work exciting jewelry pieces into your wardrobe. It's an effective way to boost an already great mood and add an uplifting kick to a day that needs an injection of excitement. Give it a try and see what I mean!

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