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Zipper Pulls

Zipper Pull Tab Replacementszipper-pull-signagebc.jpg

If you need to repair or replace a zipper pull tab on anything Trace Ellements Zipper Pull attachments are the perfect solution! Clip them easily to backpacks, ski jackets, purses, briefcases, bracelets, jean loops, key chains, pet collars, cosmetic bags and anything else that has a zipper. Think outside the box and don't forget to include the lunch box, the sports jacket, wallets, luggage, leather coats, computer cases, the list goes on and on!

Zipper Pull Options

Find a variety of colors and styles from fun and colorful zipper pulls to more sophisticated, neutral tones to complement and clip onto most anything that needs zipper pull replacing, updating or a little bling just for the fun of it. In both silvertone or goldtone finishes, these handy zipper pull tabs are both useful and decorative. Trace Ellements Zipper Pulls...where form and function meet in an affordable solution to one of life's little problems.

Inspiration and Ideas

Whether you've got a broken zipper pull or you just need to have a little extra length added on to a zipper tab, clipping on a Trace Ellements Zipper Pull is a great solution to these everyday nuisances. Sometimes grabbing at a hard-to-get-at zipper tab that you use on a regular basis requires this perfect fix. And there's no need to throw away a perfectly good coin purse, backpack or wallet zipper if the zipper tab is missing. Just clip on one of our unique zipper pulls and it's back in business. Kids backpacks are notorious for having multiple zippers and these decorative pulls are a great way to distinguish one compartment on the backpack from another. It also helps kids in opening up their zippered lunch boxes, book bags and zipping their coats with gloves on.


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