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Vintage Antiqued Jewelry

Handmade original artisan jewelry

One of a kind (OOAK), unique, conversation-starting jewelry--Trace Ellements Jewelry speaks to the woman who chooses to be an individual, a stand out, not one of the crowd. Here you'll find unusual, special pieces, designs that draw admirers in for a second look, a double take.

Find vintage inspired styles to modern and steampunk styles https://www.flickr.com/photos/traceellements/sets/72157623840490214/, the long and short of great earrings to the jingle-jangle of retro charm bracelets. Each piece is unique and can't be found on every shop corner. When you wear Trace Ellements jewelry, whether it be a bead-loaded lariat or a distinctive pin, you'll know your look is one of a kind or one of a short run as there is no mass production or cookie cutting going on here. Thoughtful, engaging designs that revolve around color, juxtaposition and balance are the motivation for all that is Trace Ellements. 

Antiqued Filigree and Vintage Elements

Many of Trace Ellements Jewelry designs are created from turn of the last century filigree and repousse. The filigree is manipulated into bezel shapes, incorporated into the design to add an element of surprise and an aged quality reminiscent of another time. Repousse is also used as another reference to the past but used in modern, unexpectd ways. Steampunk is also part of the collection, an art mix combining the feel futuristic gears and time travel of H.G. Wells with the intricacies of the Victorian era. Key symbolism of the Steampunk movement are gears, clockworks, birds, keys, spy glass, astronomy elements and the like. It's fun, inventive and thought provoking and uniquely one of a kind.

Poke around our jewelry section at www.traceellements.com and find interesting, original artisan designs including long drop earrings, short demure earrings, double drop earrings, charm bracelets, multi wrap beaded lariats, filigree encased pendants, semi-precious stone necklaces, exceptional pins, even zipper pulls, jewelry for your purse, ski jackets, backpack, coin purse and so much more. At Trace Ellements we hope you put your imagination to work by incorporating our imaginative designs into your own distinctive style.


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