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Earrings (Small)

Vintage Style Antiqued Earrings

Inspired by beautiful turn of the 20th century designs, Trace Ellements earrings pay homage to a more elegant time while still remaining modern in style. Created with vintage filigree stampings and exquisitely detailed repousse our designs are original and unique in all ways. Gemstones and riveting glass from around the world: Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Asia, are mixed and matched with crystals, burnished metals and rare retro elements.


Lightweight and wearable earring designs that go from work to after hours is the overall idea behind Trace Ellements jewelry. Long or short, it's important to keep earrings light so they don't tug at your lobes, so that you forget they are even on. From the understated to bolder, more show-stopping styles, in vibrant colors, in demure neutrals, with elements that intrigue and illuminate every woman's individual beauty, there's the perfect pair of Trace Ellements earrings just for you.


Many things have been inspirations for Trace Ellements designs. From nature stemmed many beautiful color palettes and ideas: serene hues from the ocean, from the sand to the sky to the palm trees above; warm autumn tones from the forest; soft pastels of springtime. Other inspirations have been from retro circus graphics, colorplays that pair beautifully...colorwheel buddies; the cinema also brings ideas to mind such as hues from "Dangerous Liaisons", "Moulin Rouge" and "The Great Gatesby". Visual imagery is everywhere and can inspire an entire line of designs evoking a time and place and hopefully transporting you to somewhere special as well.We hope you enjoy all the variety of Trace Ellements earrings and jewelry and you find your favorites that will be your "go to" pairs.