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Looking for a bit of good luck? A symbol of inspiration? Maybe you're in search of a little buddy to hang around? Find your favorite ornament charm in a variety of colors, materials, and characters. From regal fleur de lis' to Irish four leaf clovers, to friendly cat faces and dragonfly prosperity symbols. Sometimes a talisman is all you need to keep you company riding around town or hanging in your favorite place.

Living Eclectic

Ever go through the motions of your day and find yourself reaching for those "go to" things you use on a regular basis? Your favorite coffee mug, your car keys, your favorite book to curl up with at the end of the day? Me too. But sometimes I take a fresh look at some of [...]

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Jewelry: the art of individual expression

So you think you're special, you're not like everyone else, you should be seen for the unique person you feel like inside? Well, you're right! You should feel that way and you should be able to express yourself in your own individual way. Shine your unique light with great pieces of jewelry. Accessories can highlight and [...]

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Kid Crazy!

Kids Ceiling Fan PullsWe're crazy about kids over here at Trace Ellements! We cater to the kid in all of us with colorful, creative creatures and kookiness run amuck in our children's ceiling fan pull designs. We've got pooches and kitty cats, aliens and monsters, dinosaurs, frogs, bears, turtles, gators, snakes, rabbits, pigs, gorillas and panthers. Plus fish, [...]

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The makings of a great ceiling fan pull

Ceiling fan pullsSure, your new, or old, ceiling fan came with factory ready pulls but when you look up you're less than impressed. So you go in search of the perfect new ceiling fan pull. What to look for? Something unique, to put a stamp on your own personal style, so choice is of the [...]

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    Looking for a bit of good luck? A symbol of inspiration? Maybe you're in search …

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